Tonna Electronique

Pôle Technologique Henri Farman 36 avenue Hoche 51100 Reims
+33 (0)3 26 05 50 50

Présentation : Tonna Electronique specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of equipment for receiving and distributing conventional, satellite and cable television.
The group's activity is organized essentially around 4 product families:
- TV equipment: antennas, modulators, switches, converters, receivers, optical transmitters, input jacks, etc.;
- cable network equipment: main stations, amplifiers, distributors, splitters, feeders, modems, network heads, etc.;
- access control and security equipment: primarily audio and video carriers, encoders, electric locks, pushbuttons, and remote center management systems;
- video surveillance equipment: cameras, monitors, domes, etc.
Net sales break down by source of revenues as follows: sales of equipment (60.4%) and other (39.6%; primarily sales of engineering, maintenance, and project management services).
France accounts for 91.7% of net sales.

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