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Présentation : Tipiak is an agri-foods group organized into 4 product families:
- bakery and pastry products (32.7% of net sales): canapés, puff pastries, pains surprise, macaroons, frosted petit fours, etc.;
- frozen meals (31.1%): crêpes and pancakes, seafood entrees (scallops and shellfish), prepared meals (minced cod, paella, couscous, gratin dishes, etc.), and sauces;
- dry goods (28.9%): cooking ingredients (bread crumbs, starch, tapioca, etc.), cereal (couscous, tabouli, polenta), and intermediate food products;
- dry bakery products (7.3%): mainly croutons and ready-to-garnish puff-pastry products.
Net sales break down by distribution network into large and medium stores (43%), specialized stores (36%), restaurants (8%), industrial (4%), and other (9%).
At the end of 2008, the group had seven production sites located in France.
France accounts for 90.7% of net sales.

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