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Présentation : Thermocompact specializes in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of industrial wires.
The group is also involved with coatings for industrial parts.
Net sales break down by activity as follows:
- fabrication of wire and wire strands (83.7%): machining and electro-erosion wire (No.
2 worldwide; consumable wires made from metals containing copper, used for machining metal parts with micro-spark erosion), special wire (wires coated with precious metals for producing high-technology cables), and technical wire strands;

- technological coating (16.3%): precious metals deposited on industrial parts and strips used to improve the properties of the base metal.
Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: France (41%), Europe (27.7%), the United States (13.9%), Asia (10.2%) and other (7.2%).

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