Soditech Ingénierie

1bis allée des gabians Po Box 06150 Cannes la Bocca
+33 (0)4 92 19 48 00

Présentation : Soditech Ingénierie is a mechanical and electronic engineering group.
The group's activity is organized into two sectors:
- engineering services: primarily study and analysis services (mechanical and behavioral analyses, simulations, prototyping, and trials using models), contract engineering for turnkey systems, cable fabrication, assembly and integration of mechanical, thermal, and electronic sub-assemblies;
- research and development services: consulting and technical assistance services at the project level.
Net sales break down by market as follows: space (38.1%), automotive (20%), defense and industry (17.8%), aeronautics (17.6%).
The remaining sales (6.5%) are from a temporary work agency (Agidess).

France accounts for 76.1% of net sales.

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