Produits Chimiques Auxiliaires Synthese SA

ZI de la Vigne aux Loups 23 rue Bossuet BP 181 91160 Longjumeau
+33 (0)1 69 09 77 85

Présentation : PCAS specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing fine and specialty chemicals.
Sales are distributed by family of products as follows:
- synthesized pharmaceutical products (62.7%);
- scent molecules (37.3%): intended for manufacturers of perfume compounds, scents, and cosmetic products.
The group also develops industrial chemical products (technical fluids and additives for the lubricant industry, chemical additive synthesis) and photochemical and new technology products (photosensitive materials, photo-initiators, and polymers for photography, reprography, and micro-electronics).

At the end of 2010, the group had 9 production sites located in France (6), Finland, Canada and the United States.
France accounts for 85.9% of net sales.

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