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Présentation : Prodware specializes in publishing and hosting business computer solutions.
Net sales break down by activity as follows:
- publishing and integration of management software (64.3%): software for accounting management, human resources, customer relations, pay stubs, production etc;
- design and implementation of network applications and securitization (25.9%): supply of network systems, server installation and hosting, installation of security software (antivirus, anti-intrusion etc.);
- design, engineering and deployment of decisional information systems (9.8%): data operating and analysis applications, internal management process control and modeling systems (customer relations and human resources management, management control etc.), etc.
By revenue source, net sales break down between sales and services (73.1%) and products (26.9%).
At the end of 2009, products and services are marketed in France by a network of 18 agencies, and at international level through partner distributors.
France accounts for 83% of net sales.

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