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Présentation : Press Index is a specialist in information processing services for communication agencies and businesses.
The group's activities consist of searching for and using information from all media sources, in order to provide customers with copies and extracts which match their centers of interest.
The activity is organized into four sectors:
- media surveillance: reading and viewing articles and footage in the written and electronic press, radio and television;
- preparation of press panoramas: selection and assembly of press articles (news about the sector of activity, products and the competitive environment), personalization and distribution of information, etc.;
- study and analysis of press spin-offs: sorting media spin-offs, production of tables and graphs, etc.;
- on-line magazine sales in paper and digital formats.
Net sales (before intra-group eliminations) are distributed geographically as follows: France (67.5%), the United Kingdom (16.1%), Spain (11.1%) and Italy (5.3%).

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