21 rue Gaston Renault 25340 Clerval
+33 (0)3 81 90 74 00

Présentation : Streit Industries specializes in the machining and assembly of iron, steel and aluminum mechanical components for automobile constructors and parts manufacturers.
The group's main customers are Peugeot (57%), Valeo (13%), Honeywell France (8%), Honeywell Italie (7%) and PCM (3%).
The company has organized its activity around four families of products:
- pipes (32% of net sales): water, air, oil, fuel;
- flywheels (23%);
- components for turbo-compressors (23%);
- fixing supports (22%).
The group is active at all stages of the manufacture of mechanical components through 3 subsidiaries: Streit Ingénierie (process analysis, design and manufacture of special production tools and equipment), Streit Mécanique (machining and assembly of components) and Streit Technologies (machining using special processes).
Exports account for 35% of net sales.

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