Parc Technologique 28/30 rue Chaptal 94340 Joinville le Pont
+33 (0)1 55 97 48 22

Présentation : Eneovia (formerly StrategEco Solar) specializes in electricity production from solar energy.
The company's activity is organized around 4 sectors:
- production of photovoltaic solar energy;
- solar power consulting services: support for customers in determining needs, conducting energy performance audits and diagnostics, preparing study reports (fiscal, regulatory, accounting, legal, technical, etc.), assistance with administrative procedures for construction authorization, network connection and operation, etc.;
- brokerage and distribution of renewable energy production systems: photovoltaic and thermal solar systems, heat pumps, wood-burning fireplaces, and wood granulate furnaces;
- design and turnkey construction of solar power plants: provided to third parties.

Plan siège social STRATEGECO SOLAR