Score SE

1 avenue du Général de Gaulle 92074 Paris-la-Défense
+33 (0)1 46 98 70 00

Présentation : Scor SE is the leading French reinsurance company.
Gross written premiums per activity are distributed as follows:
- Non-life reinsurance (54.7%): reinsurance against damages (51% of gross written premiums; coverage for damage to industrial and commercial property, vehicles, ships, and stored or transported merchandise, coverage for losses due to fire, and civil liability coverage), specialties (23.7%; coverage for risks in the agriculture, aviation, construction and credit guarantee fields), optional (13.2%; reinsurance of major industrial risks) and other (12.1%);
- life reinsurance (45.3%).
Geographic distribution of gross written premiums is as follows: Europe (53.4%), Americas (27.2%), and other (19.4%).

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