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Présentation : Vicat specializes in the production and marketing of cement, ready-to-use concrete granulates.
Net sales by family of product break down as follows:
- cement (51.3%): 16.2 MT sold in 2010;
- ready-to-use concrete and aggregates (35.6%): 7.7 million m3 of ready-to-use concrete and 20.8 Mt of aggregates sold.
The remaining sales (13.1%) are from transporting materials and merchandise to large work sites, prefabricated concrete products, and fabrication of building products (glues, coatings, etc.) and paper.
At the end of 2010, the group owns 248 concrete plants, 76 granulate quarries, 15 cement plants, and 5 crushing centers throughout the world.
Net sales break down geographically as follows: France (38.9%), Europe (17.5%), Africa and the Middle East (23.3%), Turkey (9.6%), Americas (8.4%) and Asia (2.3%).

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