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Présentation : VDI Group specializes in distributing consumable products for professionals and individuals.
Net sales break down by family of products as follows:
- on-board energy products (56.8%): batteries, power cells, rechargeable batteries, chargers, and portable lighting products sold under the following brands: 1001 Piles Batteries, Enix Energies and Allbatteries;
# businessmen's hygiene, health, and protection products (43.2%): healthcare products (bandages, compresses, wipes, cleaners, etc.), medical equipment (stethoscopes, blood pressure gauges, otoscopes, examination drapes, etc.), first-aid products (kits, medicine chests), and individual protection equipment (suits, gloves, masks, hardhats, goggles) sold under Prorisk, France Ouate Industrie and DOM Hygiène Industrie brands.
Products are marketed by remote sales (catalogue, Internet, and television sales center) and through a network of specialized stores (1001 Piles Batteries name).
Net sales break down by source of income as follows: merchandise sales (97.7%) and services (2.3%).
France accounts for 69.5% of net sales.

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