11 rue Kepler 75016 Paris
+33 (0)1 56 52 52 00

Présentation : TRSB Groupe is an IT services company specializing in IT consulting, information management, and infrastructure management services.
Its activity is organized into 3 divisions:
- information management services: auditing and consulting, architecture design, supervision and operation of network infrastructures, server administration, on-site information management services, remote piloting, maintenance, etc.;
- infrastructure implementation and deployment: system integration and customization, computer fleet deployment, transformation, and migration, infrastructure support services, etc.;
- research and development services: project management assistance services (for both contracting companies and contractors), development of company portals, web services, platforms and applications (customer relations management, traffic flow modeling, organized use of company data for analysis and decision-making), etc.
The group is present in France through 7 regional offices.

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