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Présentation : Transgene specializes in designing and developing immunotherapy products used to treat cancers and chronic infectious diseases.
Their skills allow them to undertake all phases of a product's development, from research through clinical trials to production of clinical batches.
As of the end of 2009, the group had 4 products in the clinical development phase: TG4010, which has completed phase II, TG4001/RG3484, in phase IIb, TG4040, which has completed phase I, and TG4023, in phase I.
Sales break down by revenue source into subsidies (52.8%) and revenues from partnership and licensing agreements (47.2%).
Transgene has signed strategic agreements with Roche to develop the targeted immunotherapy product TG4001/RG3484 (for treating diseases related to the human papilloma virus) and with Novartis to develop the targeted immunotherapy product TG4010 (for treating a variety of cancers).

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