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Présentation : Touax specializes in the rental (72.7% of net sales) and the marketing (27.3%) of transport equipment and modular constructions.
Net sales break down by activity as follows:
- leasing and sales of maritime containers (42.3%): managed, at the end of 2010, a fleet of 481,759 containers.
The group is the 1st European container renter;

- leasing and sales of modular constructions (31.9%): operates a fleet of 45,984 constructions primarily for offices, schools, and hospitals use.
Touax is the 2nd leading European modular construction leasing company;

- freight car leasing and sales (18.4%): manages 8,231 intermodal cars used for transporting maritime containers and truck trailers;
- leasing of river barges and other cargo vessels (7.4%): manages a fleet of 180 barges (owns Europe's largest fleet of dry-load barges).
The group also offers merchandise transportation and freight forwarding services.

Net sales break down geographically as follows: Europe (55,1%), the United States (1,9%) and other (43%).

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