135 rue du Fossé Blanc 92230 Genevilliers
+33 (0)1 40 10 55 55

Présentation : TechniLine specializes in importing and distributing photography, audiovisual, and film equipment.
Sales by product family break down as follows:
- photography equipment (62.5%): digital equipment (digital cameras, memory cards, card readers, CD burners, printers, image management software, scanners, etc.) and traditional equipment (cameras, lenses, zoom lenses, flashes, film, etc.);
- audiovisual equipment (29.7%): slide projectors, video projectors, projection screens, plasma and LCD screens, accessories;
- professional equipment (5.1%): for video (primarily surveillance equipment) and film;
- other (2.7%).
Products are marketed through specialized stores, independent retailers, large-scale distribution, and the Internet.
All sales are in France.

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