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73 rue Henri Barbusse, 92110 Clichy
Téléphone : +33 (0)1 49 11 64 03


Sporever specializes in producing and publishing Internet, telephony and television contents. Net sales break down by activity as follows:
- television production (49%);
- Websites publishing, creation and operation (24%): owned and operated multi-sports news sites (sport365, sportweek) and specialized sites (football365.fr, mercato365.com, footanglais365.com, rugby365.fr, jeux365.fr, wazzup.fr, women365), creation and operation of sites for third parties, provision of contents on sites operated by third parties (primarily non-specialized portals and newspapers Websites);
- mobile contents publishing and creation (19%): publishing of programs (charm, urban, extreme sport, etc.), sport events digests (L1, TOP14, Roland Garros, Tour de France, etc.), daily newspapers (multi-sports, thematic and events), magazines (rugby, football, tennis, basketball), live documentaries (L1, TOP14, CAN, Coupe du Monde de rugby, NBA, etc.) as video, audio contents and texts. The group is one of the European leaders of multimedia mobile services production in the sport field;
- photo production (8%): multi-thematic photos production for the media and brands.

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