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Présentation : Salvepar is a capital development company that acquires 5-20% minority shares in listed and unlited family-owned industrial companies.
At the end of 2008, the company's portfolio amounted to, in net book value, EUR92.3 million broken down by holding as follows as follows:
- Faceo (12.5% for 11.9% of the capital; global services management) through FCPR Faceax;
- Ipsos (10.4% for 1.5% of the capital; No.
3 worldwide in developing and distributing survey studies);

- RG Safety (9.7% for 19.8% of the capital; sales of professional protection equipment for industrial safety);
- Afica (9.4% for 20% of the capital; production of brass and molded pieces);
- Thermador Groupe (8.2% for 5.1% of the capital; distributing plumbing fixtures to wholesalers);
- Groupe Norbert Dentressangle (7.6% for 2.6% of the capital; transportation and logistics services);
- Stef-TFE (7.5% for 1.5% of the capital; transport and logistics of temperature-controlled products);
- Actia Group (6.1% for 15.3% of the capital; production of electronic systems for collecting, processing, and transferring information);
- Touax (5.6% for 6.4% of the capital; operational leasing of containers, modular structures, river barges, and railroad freight cars);
- Polygone (4.6% for 5% of the capital; controlling interest in GL Events, an event services provider);
- Groupe Lippi (3.7% for 28% of the capital; manufacturing of fences).
- GL Events (3.5% for 1.4% of the capital; event-related services) ;
- Lohr (3.2% in OC; fabrication of industrial vehicle bodies, primarily for car-carrier trailers);
- Lacroix (3% for 5% of the capital; road signals, remote management, electronic subcontracting in small series for non-electronic industrial companies);
- Faiveley Transport (2.7%; railroad equipment) through the FCPR Sagard;
- Latécoère (2.3% for 5% of the capital; manufacturing and marketing of airframes and onboard wiring systems).

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