105 avenue Raymond Poincaré 75116 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 17 95 95

Présentation : Rubis is an independent international operator specializing in downstream oil and chemical processing.
Its activity is organized around 2 areas:
- distribution of LPG and fuel oils.
The group specializes in niche markets where its control of supply infrastructures gives it a competitive product access cost, allowing it to maintain market leader positions.
Since 2000, Rubis has increased its presence on three continents through both direct investment and acquisitions.
The principal products sold are fuel oils: service stations, diesel fuel provided to industries, aviation, and LPG (bottles and bulk);

- liquid product storage.
Rubis has become a leader among French independent liquid product storage companies: petroleum products, chemicals, fertilizers, and vegetable oils.
The group has a network of onshore warehouses specializing in product inflows and outflows to and from its bases in France and in the Northern Europe zone (Antwerp and Rotterdam).

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