RFP CIF Valbonne

Adresse : 1200 route des lucioles Bât N°2A-2B et 3, Sophia Antipolis 06560 VALBONNE
Web : http://www.rfp.fr/
Siren : 447863234
n° ORIAS : 07005550

Présentation : Bespoke mortgage loans for international investors are offered by RFP, a French mortgage broker.
They provide financial strategies for real estate investments in France.
RFP has successfully sourced various loan solutions for their clients, including an €8 million loan for a Swiss client, a loan offer without a purchase agreement, refinancing for an American company, an interest-only loan with no pledged portfolio, and a loan to minimize wealth tax for a German client.
For more information, you can visit their website or contact them directly.

Plan RFP CIF Valbonne