Pharmagest Interactive

Technopole de Nancy Brabois 5 allée de Saint-Cloud BP 117 54600 Villers-les-Nancy
+33 (0)8 20 90 81 00

Présentation : Pharmagest Interactive is No.
1 in France for publishing and integrating software programs for pharmacies, laboratories and retirement homes.
Net sales break down by activity as follows:
- pharmacy software publishing and integration (84.8%): software programs for managing data bases, information, inventories, orders, electronic care records, etc.;
- publishing and integration of laboratory software solutions (9.8%): solutions for communication, training, information management, patient accompaniment, etc.;
- retirement home software publishing and integration (2.3%): software for managing admissions, billing, receipt and accounting management, care management, supply management, etc.
The remaining sales (3.1%) are from distributing turnkey computer solutions for small and medium businesses.
France accounts for more than 96% of net sales.

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